• Campaign Issues Update

    Campaign Issues Update

    Campaign Issues Update:  Why we need to say ‘No Thanks’ to the $54 Billion ST3 Project   As I continue to explain to residents of our 29th District, I’m running because I’m tired of seeing our district left behind by a partisan legislature that constantly places King County and Seattle ahead of us.  By every […]Read More »
  • Upcoming Events Calendar

    Upcoming Events Calendar

    Upcoming Events Wed, October 5 –  Rick will participate in the Pierce County Leadership Candidates Forum at Pacific Lutheran University, 8:00 AM Thu, October 6 –  Rick will participate in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum at the Great American Casino, Lakewood, 1130 AM Fri, October 7 –  Join Rick while doorbelling in the 613th Precinct (vic. […]Read More »
  • What is an “Independent Republican”?

    What is an “Independent Republican”?

    While knocking on neighbors’ doors across the 29th District, I’m frequently asked what I mean when I introduce myself as an “Independent Republican.” Here’s how I answer those questions: Although I believe in certain critical tenets of conservatism and the Republican Party, principally fiscal responsibility, I am always willing to listen to, and work withpeople of different […]Read More »
  • Campaign Updates – July 19, 2016

    Campaign Updates – July 19, 2016

    With the Primary Election just over two weeks away we are hitting our campaign stride! Our “Super Saturday” doorbelling event was a huge success on July 9th; we reached out and were able to speak with hundreds of voters here in the 29th. If we missed you please go to the subscribe page at www.voterickthomas.org/ […]Read More »
  • Campaign Updates – July 7, 2016

    Campaign Updates – July 7, 2016

    Dear Friends and Supporters, Now that my campaign is underway, I plan to provide you with periodic updates on our campaign activities and related issues.  My goal for these updates is not only to keep you well informed but to also solicit your inputs on activities and issues.   Campaign Kick-Off: As most of you know, […]Read More »